Arcade Bomb

There are certainly bombs aplenty in the Arcade Bomb slots! Only instead of blowing off limbs and whatnot, these detonate into wins that are hefty enough to make a battleship list! The Arcade Bomb slot come straight from Red Tiger Gaming and is equipped with a slew of explosively delightful features and heady bonuses that will surely get players hooked.
Do read on for more details of this slot.

Blow Up Your Life With The Arcade Bomb Slots!

There are 5 reels as well as 20 paylines in the Arcade Bomb slot. By all appearances, it is a classic fruit machine brought into the modern age and given a generous dollop of colour. 20p and ₤500 are the minimum and maximum bet amounts respectively and wins can be formed in practically any desired direction and are made possible by landing similar icons next to each other.

The featured icons are all the old familiars that most of us have seen on classic fruit machine and consist of oranges, lemons, cherries, melons, strawberries, bells and bars. The icon that players should, however, do their utmost to befriend is the lucky 7. This is because by landing 3, 4 or 5 of this icon on the reels, a payout of 100, 250 or 1,000 coins is made available.

Bonus Features

Locked Reel Bonus- during a spin, a quartet of vivid bomb icons drop on the reels and become locked in position. Displayed on each bomb is a number, with this referring to the number of spins left before each bomb will do what bombs everywhere do- blow up!

Each bomb also has a unique blast pattern and upon exploding all icons reached by the bomb blast transform into matching icons. As well, all unexploded bombs found within the blast area get obliterated.

Bombs that go boom occur regularly in the Arcade Bomb slots and offer a dependable stream of wins. When bombs of the same colour that also show the same number on them go up, wins during this bonus feature reaches 1,000x the stake.

Final Thoughts

The Arcade Bomb slot is certainly unlike most other slots that players are used to. The exploding bombs feature is certainly eye-catching and wins here come regularly enough to keep players engaged for lengthy periods. Overall, the Arcade Bomb slot is certainly worth recommending and certain to detonate all manner of goods and riches in the lives of players!