Auto Roulette

Roulette is one of the very few games which has survived for many centuries. Roulette has fans from different countries. After the advent of online casino games, the casino industry has undergone humongous changes. Online casino gaming has changed the way the players played casino games. Live casino games took the casino games a level higher as they provide a real casino experience to the players no matter where they are.

About the developer of Auto Roulette Low Limit

Auto Roulette Low Limit is developed by one of the biggest live casino game developers in the casino market – Extreme Live Gaming. They have already developed some of the evergreen casino games which are cherished by players from various parts of the world.

Special Features of Auto Roulette Low Limit

Auto Roulette Low Limit has the same layout as European Roulette as both the games have only one zero. Players can select their betting amount from the available set of betting limits. The numbers from one to thirty-six are available in alternate colours.

The difference between most of the live roulette games and Auto Roulette Low Limit is that this game has no live dealer involved in the gameplay. By this way, players can get more concentrated on the gameplay. Also, the absence of the dealer increases the pace of the gameplay. Players can play swiftly as the moves in the game are automated. Most of the terms and conditions of the game are same as a normal roulette game. Statistics and other details of the game are available to the player during the gameplay.

There are various betting options available like most of the live roulette games and the chances of winning changes as per the betting option selected. There are chances for the payout to get affected based on the betting option selected. It should be noted that since this variant of roulette has only one zero it has lower house edge when compared to American Roulette.


Auto roulette Low Limit is for the players who want to experience intense roulette gaming experience by playing a game which is concentrated on the gameplay rather than on other elements of the casino. Since the pace of the game is also fast, players can play the game in a shorter duration when compared to most of the live roulette games.