Balloonies Swap and Pop

Balloonies Swap and Pop is an IGT slot, which is an extension to its previously released slot game titled Balloonies. It features crazy and cute critter cast. If you have a love for balloons, then get ready to meet some cute balloon animals. The slot game is available to play at Cloud casino.

Playing this slot game on tablet or iPad will double up the fun for sure. It can be tried on desktops as well as mobiles too.

The Adorable Creatures in Balloonies Swap and Pop

So now balloons are not just restricted to birthday parties, it’s now about the fun you experience with these cute Balloonies in Balloonies Swap and Pop. The Balloonies animals will accompany you throughout the game.

The baby Giraffe named Gerry is the cutest creature on the  planet. Mia is the monkey here and Ernie is the elephant. Henrie is the hedgehog and will prick all the balloonies with his prickles. At least three Balloonies must be matched in order to collect shapes and for winning a prize all the shapes must be revealed by pricking those cute balloonies.

For even more explosive fun, you may win an instant prize through every match. That means your pockets will be filled up if you hit it right, no rather if you prick it right. The balloonies must be swapped and popped followed by revealing of shapes. Swapping and popping of balloonies is the new twist added to the slot from its previous versions.

Many prizes can be won in the game. But there are no free spins in this slot. Player looking for many bonus features might not like this one. The volatility as well as variance of this game is low.

To Sum Up: Balloonies Swap and Pop Review

The return to player percentage of this slot is about 89.00%. The awesome combination of balloonies and prizes will surely delight you to the fullest; and about enjoyment, well, it’s guaranteed. If you want a relaxing time with cute animal creatures, then Balloonies Swap and Pop is a great option. The cuddly critters will take all of your stress away in a moment.