Big Money Slingo Bonus

Big Money Slingo Bonus is an online slot game introduced by Instant Win Gaming. It is an appealing and fascinating slingo variant which is quite different from its other formats such as Riches, Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and Slingo Extreme. Also, it is more like an adventure rather than just a game to play as it allows the players to choose one of the six locations to make a visit as the game starts. It is a 5 reels and 25 paylines slot game.

How To Play Big Money Slingo Bonus?

Big Money Slingo Bonus game will start by pressing the ‘start button’. After that, the players will choose one of the six locations which are Joker Hamlet, Royal Forest, Golden Fields, Diamond Peak, Lucky Gulch and Smugglers Cove and then, 4 jokers will be placed upon the game board. The reels will then spin 6 times and show either a symbol or number.

  • The Free Spin symbol will provide the players with an additional spin during the end of the game.
  • Numbers that will land on the reels will make any of the corresponding numbers on grid to get marked with the star.

With the every Big Money Slingo Bonus game, the players’ bet provides them 6 spins which exclude any extra spin that the players may win in the mid-game. Also, the main aim is to develop as many full diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines as possible, because with each win i.e. Slingo rewards the players with the cash prizes.

Also, the Jokers which were added at the beginning will provide the players free square in order to create the winning lines. Moreover, the players will get the free spin symbol or 5 numbers with every spin. Thus, it will become easier for the players to get some exciting prizes during the game.

What Is So Interesting?

Big Money Slingo Bonus is a single game that gets started with the screen that features 6 different types of locations. Also, the players can win the rewards of up to £1,50,000 and it all depends on the type of location selected by the players. Interestingly, each location has a similar type of the gameplay and the only difference occurs between the value of prizes. Thus, the prizes will get bigger as more is spent by the players.

More About This Game

Each location includes different costs to play:

  • Joker Hamlet will cost 50p to the players.
  • Golden Fields will cost £1 to the players.
  • Royal Forest will cost £2 to the players.
  • Smugglers Cove will cost £5 to the players.
  • Diamond Peak will cost £10 to the players.
  • Lucky Gulch will cost £15 to the players.

Moreover, all over the grid, the players will also view many cash values and the pointers that indicate how much the players can win for every line. Joker Hamlet, the cheapest game includes the prizes of worth between 50p and £10,000. Whereas, Lucky Gulch, the most costly game, includes the prizes of worth between £10 and £2,00,000 for each of the winning line.

Final Thoughts

Big Money Slingo Bonus is an action-packed and amazing slot game provided by IWG. It has lucrative animation and cool designs. It contains an adventure style gameplay. Also, Big Money Slingo Bonus has a medium variance and one can win up to £1,50,000. The game has an RTP of 85.15%.