Blackjack Live

Blackjack is so popular among the players throughout the world that the gaming companies are always coming up different versions of the game. VIP Blackjack Live is one of the versions of this popular game that features a live dealer. As is evident from the name VIP Blackjack Live is more suited for big budget players as this game has a higher betting range than the standard blackjack.

About the Developer of the VIP Blackjack Live

Extreme Live Gaming may be a smaller operator, however, they develop games that are not only enjoyable but also have a crisp, nice outlook to them. VIP Blackjack Live is one such game developed by the company.

About the Game

This variant of blackjack also follows the basic rules of the standard blackjack with a slight variation. The house edge is also similar to the standard blackjack which is one of the lowest. The players will have to use a gaming strategy which is suitable for winning. This game handles 8 decks of standard 52 cards without jokers. The decks are shuffled before the start of each hand. The Players are dealt two face-up cards each while the dealer is dealt one up and one down card. VIP Blackjack Live accepts three different side bets.

The bet options provided in this game include:

  1. Double Down- This game allows you to Double Down any hand provided the cards have not been split.
  2. Split- If the players draw two same value cards then they can split those cards.
  3. Insurance- The dealer receiving an Ace or ten-point card will allow the players to take the option of Insurance.
  4. Perfect Pairs- Matching colour, matching cards, and mixes are also considered as Perfect Pairs.
  5. 21+3- The player will win this side bet if the dealer’s up card and the player’s two cards together make either a straight, flush three-of-a-kind or straight flush.
  6. Bet Behind- The option of betting on another player’s hand can be taken by the players waiting for one of the main seats at the table and also by the players who are sitting in one of the main seats.


VIP Blackjack Live may be having a greater betting range but it also offers higher payouts to the players. Both luck and game skills are required to play this game as it increases your winning prospect.