Blackjack one

When it comes to gambling, some people still prefer playing at a land based casino because many find the atmosphere positive and motivating. Thanks to Blackjack One that offers a live environment with a real human dealer that helps online users experience the realistic atmosphere. This multi-hand variant of the game comes with side betting games where you can win more money. The live dealer offers constant assistance throughout your gameplay session and lets you interact with him/her via a chat feature within the game. The dealer is facing a high definition webcam in a studio with a professional blackjack table set up.

About the developer of Blackjack One

This realistic online game was developed by Extreme Live Gaming, a new generation online casino company that offers various popular games with a live setup. All their games make you feel you are sitting in a real casino surrounded by people and a human dealer in front of you to help you.

About the game

This version of Blackjack One follows the standard rules of the classic game where you win only when you beat the dealer’s hand. There are basic features of insurance where you can win 2 to 1 your bet amount if the dealers get a blackjack and 3 to 2 the bet amount if you get the blackjack. The aim is to ensure you do not exceed 21 points on all six hands. You can either play one hand or any number of hands between one and six in this live game. There are side bet games such as 21+3 and perfect pairs where you can win regardless of the main game results.

  • 21+3 Side Bet: Here you aim is to create a three card poker set in order to make a win and that is done using your first two cards and a dealer’s revealed card. The highest payout in this game is 100 to 1 when you get three five of diamonds followed by 40 times with straight flush, 30 times the bet with three of a kind and 10 and 5 times for other standard wins.
  • Perfect Pairs Betting: In this Blackjack One side game, you got to make pairs from the first two cards you get. The highest you can win here is 25 times your bet with a pair of the card of the same value and from the same suit. The coloured pair gives you twelve times the bet and a pair with same value regardless of its suit gives six times your total bet.


In this Blackjack One you can play multiple hands of classic blackjack along with two side games that can give you huge stakes of win. You can win six games in one shot from both main and side bets.