Blackjack Silver

Blackjack Silver is a live dealer casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It is the perfect classic blackjack variant for all types of players – from low rollers to high rollers. A series of side bets further add charm to this exciting table game.

Blackjack Silver Gameplay

Blackjack Silver offers a wide range of chips for you to bet. You can bet with chips starting from just £10 or up to £20,000. The other chip sizes are £50, £250, £500, £1000, £2000, and £5000. So whether you are a low, mid or high roller, you will find just the right options to place your bets. The key drawing rules of the game follow from the classic Blackjack rules. These are as following:

  • The dealer will always stand on 17, even for a soft hand. This is beneficial for you because this helps in reducing the house edge.
  • You can double after a split, which is also beneficial for the player.
  • Re-split is not allowed and nor is surrender.
  • The game uses the standard 8 decks of card.
  • When you stick to the basic strategy, the card game offers a house edge of just 0.49%.

Standard wagers can be placed with a click on the designated circle. If the table is occupied, you can place a bet on the “bet behind” area. The game gives the players 15 seconds to place their bets before the dealer begins drawing cards.

Blackjack Silver Side Bets

When playing this game, you can also place the Perfect Pairs side bet. It is placed alongside the standard bets and is paid out 6 to 1, 12 to 1, or 25 to 1 when you win the side bet. The payouts for 21+3 side bet can be anything from 5 to 1 up to 100 to 1. In this case, your first 2 cards and the dealer face-up card will be used to create the 21+3 hand.

Blackjack Silver High-Quality Gaming Experience

When you play Blackjack Silver, you will get the feel of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. This is made possible due to the high-speed full-HD streaming. The game action takes place in front of you in the real time. Besides, the quality of graphics and sound further adds to the realistic feel of playing in a land-based casino.

The card game supports both full screen and live chat options. Some additional features include adjusting video quality, checking game history, and viewing different camera angles.

To Sum Up

Blackjack Silver follows classic blackjack rules but offers a more vivid gaming experience to blackjack fans. It offers a number of side bets that further add to the action.