Blackjack Suit em up

If you love playing blackjack then you would definitely love a multi hand feature where you can play three hands at a time and win thrice your bet at one go. Now, what if a blackjack game offers your three hands plus a side betting option on all three hands? This will only mean that your chances of winning are six times at one go each game which is amazing. Say hello to Blackjack Suit em up where you can play side betting and win when first two cards dealt belong to same symbols, that is two heart symbol cards or two spades. Another catch here is the winning is not always the same, as you get to win up to 50 to 1 your bet amount depending on the combination of cards.

About the developer of Blackjack Suit em up

The developer of Blackjack Suit em up is NYX – FELT Gaming who have created many awards winning casino games for online users so they can bet and win money at the convenience of their homes. The company has managed to place themselves among some of the world’s best online casino game developers.

About the game

Blackjack Suit em up has a betting limit of 10p which is the minimum and a maximum of £500 for main blackjack bet. However, for the side suit em up betting the minimum is 10p but maximum is only £250 on each hand. Your aim in the game is to ensure that you get to 21 points or the nearest than the dealer to win the hand. The dealer must stand on all 17s but you have the advantage of drawing cards even after 17 but chances of getting bust are more as you near to 21.

  • Paytable: Blackjack Suit em up has a standard pay of three to one when you get a blackjack at the deal, two to one on insurance and one to one when you beat dealer hand without exceeding 21 points. The side bet in this game allows you better winning stake with 50 to 1 when first two cards you get are identical aces, that is when you get two aces with the same symbol of heart, spade, club or diamond. You can also win ten to one when you get a blackjack with identical symbols, followed by five to one when you get two cards with same numbers and same symbols.
  • Hit and Stand: When the dealer deals the cards you can click on hit if you want to draw a card and click stand when you want to stick with the points you got from those two cards. You can hit until you get 21 and you lose once you cross 21, so if you want to win then you must click stand on numbers 17 through to 20. If you get 21, the game will automatically stand and moves to next hand.


Blackjack Suit em up is a game with several possibilities and combinations of winning offered to players. One can choose to play a single hand with single side bet or up to three hands and three side bets, to increase chances of winning.