Cash Buster Towers

Cash  Buster Towers slot game contains explosive coloured bricks, where players blow the towers and are awarded. The slot game is released by IWG, a great creator of instantly rewarding games. The latest game is the addition to the greatly successful family of Cash Buster. In lottery space, Cash Buster is the most successful instant win game.This game is a game of chance. The outcome of a  play in the game is fixed. Actions or choices made by the player do not affect the result of the game. Cash Buster Towers slot has new eye-popping features that make this game an instant hit.

Hit the spin button and win

Cash Buster Towers is very easy to play.The slot game can be played in two modes. “Normal” and “Repeat”. When in the Normal mode the player can spin 5 times and in Repeat mode, if the player loses the normal play game than there is an option to buy “1 more spin” if the player does so they enter  Repeat Play Mode. After choosing the mode kick off your game by setting your stake by pressing + or – buttons. Start the game by hitting the spin button and get the reels moving and destroy or blow the towers to win. Unravel a single number or collect 4 dot symbol to build a prize, or announce an instant win to win the amount shown. In Cash Buster Towers you can reach dizzying heights. So, what are you waiting for start playing this amazing game for quick payouts.

Bigger than Big Bonuses in Cash Buster towers

The bonuses which are unlocked during the game gives you more ways to earn cash. The bonuses are amazing and very unique.

The spin button collapses the blocks in the form of towers that when destroyed releases massive amount of prizes.

When you land 4 star symbols or arrows then a unique bonus round is activated on the main reels, which can help the players win free spins, destroy more towers or win money.

Collecting 6 or 4 circle like symbols can win the players, instant cash of up to £1,000, and still they have an option to purchase 1 more spin and keep enjoying.

Final thoughts

Cash Buster Towers slot game is engaging and unique slot. It is receiving excellent response from players . If you are looking for a slot game with a twist and colourful theme then this is for you. The average RTP is 90.5%. Hit the spin button and set your reels spinning and win by destroying the towers. You can win huge rewards by collecting bonuses while playing. There are 5 ways to win but your actions cannot change the result of the game. So, try your luck and reach the heights with big wins!