Cash Buster

Cash Buster is one of its kind offering from the Instant Win Gaming. There are no reels that spin in this game. Here you roll the dice that decides the blocks that you destroy from the Buster zone. The simple gameplay, vibrant colours and hefty cash prizes attract a lot of casino lovers towards it.

About the developer of Cash Buster

It is developed by Instant Win Gaming, also known as IWG. Based in the United Kingdom, in the city of London, this firm has produced only great games that have been loved by the casino players far and wide. It is a leader when it comes to instant win types of games that they regularly supply to the lotteries. They have created over 250 of such games in their existence span of just over a decade.

About the game

Cash Buster has no reels or symbols to play with. You begin the game by placing the bets using the controls provided. Then you are offered eight chances to roll the dice. Each roll will turn up a coloured face which in turn decides the corresponding coloured blocks that are destroyed from the Cash Buster zone. Each block will reveal a prize hidden beneath it. Once a row gets filled up with prizes, you are awarded a win. You might be lucky enough to destroy a block that has an instant prize. Therefore, you get an instant win in that case. Moreover, you might get an extra roll of the dice when you destroy such a block.

The game has a return to player percentage of 85.30 which is pretty less as compared to the slot games. But it is pretty nice if we take into account other scratch card games of the same genre.


If you are looking for a simple yet enjoyable game to play, this one is a great option to choose. Moreover, the gameplay is designed in such a manner that you practically spend zero time in understanding how does it work. The instant win prizes add a nice surprise element and keep the players glued to it for a long time. So in short, a pretty decent time pass that doesn’t let you feel bored as long as you keep playing it.