Cash Cookout

Created by IGT, Cash Cookout is a game of endless possibilities. With a 4*3 field of play, the game offers multiple engaging features, all with the potential of maximizing your wins. One of the key features is the Win-All feature which could win you all 12 prizes at a go if the grill utensils symbol is revealed.

The game’s RTP ranges from 85.0% to 93.0% depending on the model you play. Cash Cookout is also available to play across multiple devices.

Theme and Symbols in Cash Cookout

IGT’s Cash Cookout is quite a “quickie” with an estimated time of play of an average for 1 minute. Apart from that, the game offers different ways of winning the 12 prizes and is very suitable for novice players courtesy of its straightforward style of play.

Cash Cookout features a backdrop of a BBQ table with the symbols of the game roasting on the BBQ grill. The theme is also impressive as it features a unique BBQ theme to offer a chance of winning up to 12 prizes in a single game.The game’s symbols include 3 sauce bottles, a huge fork and 12 stacks of cash.

Other similar games include the Pixies of the Forest and the famous Cleopatra.


The objective of the game is to match the Winning Numbers (sauce bottle symbols) to your selected numbers (cash stack symbols). However, if the special grill utensils symbol appear, you will be awarded all the prizes.
The game uses the numbers 1-39 and each game contains 3 winning Numbers and 12 Your Numbers.

The Your Number comprises 2 elements:

A prize or a Win All symbol
A prize amount.

At this point, it is worth noting that the winning numbers are different from each other. Also, the Your Numbers can recur, but only on winning games and any recurring number must be part of a win.
There are 2 ways in which a player can win:

Matching any Winning Number to any Your Number, you will be awarded the price value of the Your Number.

Finding a Win All symbol amongst the Your Numbers, you will be awarded the price values of the corresponding Your Number.
The Win All symbol might appear only once during gameplay and should you reveal this symbol, you will earn all 12 cash prizes. This includes all prizes that you have not yet revealed.

To Sum Up

Cash Cookout from IGT is simple with plenty of animation and straight to the point. The graphics and the background audio track are pleasing and engage the player throughout the game.

For beginners, this is a game that you definitely want to start with and will keep you coming for more after every round.