Cash Noire

Cash Noire is a low variance, LA crime thriller slot game. The objective is to extract clues by landing secret styled symbols in the ‘Crime Zone’ until unlocking the free spins round. The game is as complex as that. 

About Cash Noire

Cash Noire is an investigative-thriller styled slot game. The reel set is a typical 5×4, constructed against the backdrop of a dimly lit office, with neon lights flashing everywhere. The entire game is dull themed to get the smokes spread. Set in the city of San Cayetano, the players need to join Detective Flint and chase down a mysterious criminal to solve the case of the Green Ace murders. 


The symbols here include playing cards, matches, a magnifying glass, daggers, revolvers and a whisky tumbler. Premium symbols are like the femme fatale, a snake, and hero the Detective. 


The primary and basic feature of Cash Noire is the free-spin mode. To earn free spins, the players need to uncover all the clues. This feature is directly linked with the Chase Map of the game. To earn this, a complete car chase should also be initiated by the players. 

Bonus Features

Avalanche and Crime Zone features are the bonuses here. An avalanche function triggers a set of combinations. With this, all winning symbols are removed from the reels and replaced with new ones. Crime Zone feature gets activated with a red light-up before all spins. Ultimately the player’s goal is to unwrap all 13 items on the Clue List and so trigger the free spins round.


Here the narrative needs applause. This narrative is the one which drives the game. Apart from this, there are no soft spots here in this slot. It’s a perfect slot game for everyone.