Casino Hold’em

Evolution Gaming designed the Live Casino Hold’em game as a way for attracting the poker enthusiasts to its live casinos and since then it has drawn a large number of crowds on the desktops as well as tablet platforms. The action of this variant directly takes place at the branded tables from a studio in the Riga and it is streamed live to computers in a real-time and offers stunning HD video quality along with the smooth user interface. The predominant croupiers makes the gaming experience perfect for the casino players.

Live Casino Hold’em Gameplay!!

This casino variant is played with the single deck of cards which is shuffled after every hand and features an enticing gameplay that differs from basic Texas Hold’em poker game, Casino Hold’em offers a large variety of features and has impressed the players at many levels. So, as the gameplay begins the players will be asked to place the Ante bet if they want to be a part of the round and by doing so they are in turn dealt with 2 cards face up while 3 community cards will also get drawn faceup as well. After which, the players have an option to Call or Fold. The Call bet will double Ante bet. While the remaining cards will also get drawn. The players will win if their hand is much stronger than that of dealer’s hand.

However, to qualify for call bet the players must have the pair of 4s or else cards in a higher order and if they don’t qualify they will be the winner of that round. Moreover, a hand of less or straight pays a small amount of money, but the payouts on a stronger hands will increase equal to 100 to 1.

Also, while placing an Ante bet, players can place a Bonus wager in which they will be rewarded with a payout if they grab a pair of the Aces or higher among the first 5 cards.

Key Benefits For Players

  • Casino Hold’em Tables Easily Accommodate Unlimited Number of players
  • Bonus Side Bets Features Payouts up to 7:1 or Even Higher
  • Impressive Live Stream Service Along With Multiple Camera Views

To Sum Up

Casino Hold’em variant is one of the excellent addition to the list of Evolution Gaming. The enthusiast’s players will surely appreciate its new gameplay as well as the rules which seem to be advantageous for players. This variant supports high betting limits along with extra betting opportunities which have added a thrill to this highly awarding gaming experience.