Castle Builder II

Witness the grandeur of the castles in high-quality graphics

Castle Builder II is an epic game which has the theme of building castle accompanied by various characters from the game. Sporting rich design and having a variety of new elements such as levelling up of characters, storyline and so on, this game could end up as a delightful treat for the casino game lovers.

Absolute fusion of ancient era and interactive gameplay in Castle Builder II

Three castle builders are available in this game named as Sam, Mandy and Igor and also the symbols from the winning combination assemble in a separate space which when filled gets a part of the castle constructed. The progress of the castle construction is also displayed.

The soundtrack and the sound effects of the game are taken good care of. They have a large contribution in making the game to have a good immersive effect.

Castle Builder II slots game is developed by Rabcat and has five reels and fifteen paylines. Rabcat has developed many games with diverse game plays and amusing elements. They also have developed some of the most-played games in the casino industry. The symbols involved in the game are based on the theme and the most rewarding symbol is the crown awarding up to fifty times the stake if a total of five symbols are landed on the active payline.

Based on the place chosen the background of the slots game differs. A lot of interconnecting activity makes the player interested for a long time. There are a total of fifteen kingdoms and each features its own building material, This helps the player engaged in the game since the entire appearance of the game changes as the gameplay proceeds.

Exciting and unique bonuses which are based on the theme of the game

Bonus in Castle Builder II is built in a great way. Building more number of castles will attract a lot of admirers and claim the bonus an admirer should be selected. In addition to this normal bonus features are also available in this game to keep the players entertained.


Castle Builder II video slots game is very finely crafted and has numerous elements installed in it. The inclusion of additional entertaining factors helps the players to have an engaging gameplay. The both the volatility and variance of the slot is high which makes it a notable slot.