Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes is an invention of IGT it is an Instant Win Game. Here players are expected to align three or more identical cubes (with the same colour) on a 7×7 grid system. Once they can match up cubes of the same colour on the grid, the cubes will be taken and collated at a prize table. Learn more about this game from the review below.

Playing Colour Cubes

The first thing to do before you start playing Colour Cubes is to select your betting amount. There is a Ticket Cost Selector comprising of betting sums from £1 to £10. You have to select your preferred bet and when you are done, you can start playing. You then click the “GO Button” on the playing screen to begin.

The 7×7 grid will have two lines move at a time. When these lines fall on identically coloured cubes, the cubes will be collected at the prize table. Once you reach a number of collected cubes you will earn an instant prize reward.

Different Cubes For Different Prizes

The cubes on show on the grid include a yellow, red, green, blue, orange, pink, star and bomb cube. With 11 pink cubes collected on the prize table, you will earn a reward. Get 10 blue cubes and you will win an instant prize. Have 9 green cubes or 8 yellow cubes to win a prize.

If you have 7 orange or 6 red cubes on the prize table you will also be entitled to an instant prize. In Colour Cubes you can also get exciting rewards when you land either the bomb or the star cube on the grid.

Star And Bomb Colour Cubes

In Colour Cubes when you land either the Star or Bomb cube you will get a special surprise. With the Star Cube on any position on the 7×7 grid, you will receive a £2 payout instantly. This money is paid into your gaming account.

On the other hand, if you land the Bomb cube on the grid, the other cubes around this bomb cube will be collected and instantly moved to the prize table. As mentioned earlier, if you collect a certain number of cubes of a particular colour you will earn an instant reward.

To Sum Up

In this Instant Win, Game players can play from an online casino on Instant Play or Mobile mode. There is also an Auto Reveal button that allows you to automatically turn the lines on the 7×7 grid similar to an Autoplay option in a video slot. This game is fun and highly rewarding as well.