Couch Potato

It is quite convenient for a Couch potato to enjoy a slot game at the comfort of their homes and when the game is the Couch potato itself, it gets even more fun. It is now ethically wrong to encourage this kind of lazy behaviour but as you win during the game, you get energetic and might want to work out. Try it today at Cloud Casino for a fun-filled time.

Know the basics of Couch Potato first

The slot features 3 reels and just a single payline. Microgaming brings such slot games once in a while wherein the reels cover the entire screen. You will notice that there is no image in the background. For relating to the theme, you will witness that there is a slouching, lazy Couch potato lying the reels.

The symbols in the game are quite common to many slot games. They include single bars, double bars, triple bars, cherries and lucky number seven in three colours- white, yellow and blue. There is a Couch Potato television which is the highest paying symbol. You can win 15,000 coins with this symbol. The wild symbol is the winning symbol and if it forms a part of the winning combo, the wins get multiplied by 5x or 25x. If the player is able to land one or more cherries, bars or sevens, he/she can land wins.

Playing The Game

In playing the game, the first step is choosing the bet. This wager can be £1, £2 or £3 per spin. Also, the next step is to choose the no. of coins. The bet gets multiplied by 2x or 3x by choosing the no. of lines. The coin level can be changed by clicking on the “Credits” button. This is when you are not able to spot the “Coins” button.
The players shall use 2 or 3 coins to make sure that when they land the wild symbol, the payouts gets increased by 2 or 3x. Also, the jackpot in this game jumps from 2000 and goes up to 15,000. This is the highest win in this game.

Final Call

The slot is quite entertaining but you will not find any bonus or special features to keep up to its classic theme. To maximise the chances of winning, you should definitely go for the maximum jackpot wins.