Crossword Cash

All of you must have played crosswords at least once in their lifetime. Now it is time to use your same skills to win big prizes with Crossword cash online casino game. This game by IWG (Instant win gaming) is very easy to play. You can give Crossword cash a shot free of cost and then play for real money and win big. To win you just have to use your intellectual knowledge and construct as many words as you can. Easy-peasy isn’t it?

Turn your words into jackpot with Crossword cash

Crossword cash is for crossword lovers as the gameplay is just like the word game except for the fact that there are no mysterious clues. With a bright green background and easy gameplay, the slot is a hit among players. You will see a crossword on the main screen and letters which are to be used to make the combinations. To set the stake amount there are ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the foreground. The crossword lattice with words is on left and prize table is on the right.

Don’t let your dexterous word combinations remain unawarded. Match the 18 given letters with the letters in Crossword lattice and construct your words to win big rewards. Complete more words to win more money. Money won will be displayed on the prize table.

Put your wordsmith skills to test with Crossword cash

Gameplay is very simple and new players can play it easily. Kick off your game by setting the bet amount using (+) and (-) buttons present on the front. Confirm your bet amount by pressing ‘CONFIRM BUTTON’. After this, you are ready to hit ‘PLAY’ button. Know your letters by clicking the 18 letters lattice. Create some incredible words to win prizes. More and more words are your way to bigger prizes. However, even with 3 words you can win an amazing prizes. Check your prize on the prize table which is on the right side. Play again with the same bet or you can also change the stake amount. ‘Change bet’ is to change your stake amount for the next game. The result of the game is displayed on the message panel. Keep your fingers crossed and eyes on the prize.

Final thoughts

Crossword cash is a simple yet entertaining slot. You would have never thought your childhood skills can land you amazing prizes. With easy game play, this slot is a hit among new players also. The slot has a theoretical RTP of 88.62% that means for every £100 stake it will pay out £88.62. Put on your intelligence cap and start playing today.