Dolphin Roulette

Dolphin’s Roulette is one of the famous variants for roulette lovers as it offers an additional game along with an overall delightful appeal. This game has one zero number and thirty-seven numbers from 1 to thirty-six. The numbers are arranged in alternate red and white colours both on the roulette wheel and the table.

About the developers of the game

Dolphin’s Roulette is developed by Extreme Live Gaming. They have showcased their skill multiple times by developing some of the most-played games in the industry.

Features and characteristics of Dolphin’s Roulette game

The side bet game is independent of the main game, and the win and loss of the additional game do not affect the main game. Similarly, the wins and losses of the main game do not affect the side game. For high skilled players who are capable of handling two games at the same time, this game could be a treat as both the game take place side by side.

The side bet game has the theme of the sea, and the aquatic beings are the symbols in the game. The side bet has different payout ratios ranging from 1.1 to 80:1. One of the most commonly occurring symbols is the seahorse symbol, and the other symbols are mostly of fishes of different breeds. The game also has a one-reel slot to the right of the dealer. To the left of the dealer, players can see the statistics of the game along with the cold and hot numbers. Players can use these statistics to have an effective gameplay.

There are options to change the video quality of the game. This could be helpful for the players in case if they are using an unstable or a weak internet connection to play this online roulette game.

This game can be played on both mobile and desktops without any change in the quality of the game offered. Full-screen mode is one of the most convenient screen modes for playing on mobile and in tablet devices. Players can chat with each other and even with the dealer using the live chat feature.


Dolphin’s Roulette is probably one of the most interesting versions of roulette as it offers an exciting theme along with a side bet game which takes place side by side with the main game. The game has an intuitive interface, and the house edge of the game is around 2.7%