Dolphin’s Roulette

When it comes playing online casino games, some people prefer table games while other just stick to slot games. But this Dolphin’s Roulette is one of a kind game that offers both slot and a table roulette within the same game screen. To make the game even more exciting, there is a professional live human dealer who offers assistance throughout your session. The theme of the game is based on a popular slot game called the ‘Dolphin’s Pearl’ and a single reel of it is offered as a side game where you can place your bets here. The betting limits in this variant of roulette are between £1 and £100 each round.

About the developer of Dolphin’s Roulette

This amazing professionally studio setup roulette game was developed by Extreme Live Gaming, one of the top ranking game developers in the world with hundreds of their games played around the world. They are regulated by several governing bodies and gambling commissions that make them one of the legitimate gambling operators.

About the game

The rules of Dolphin’s Roulette remains as that of the classic version where you can bet from 0 to 36 on a European game table. There are betting lines such as straight, split, street, corner, trio, top line, column and dozen. These are main betting lines with payouts starting from 100% on your bet to 35 times your bet amount which is the highest when you win with single number betting. There are outside bets where you can make some extra money and they are the odd-even, high-low and red-black. The payout for outside bet is 1 to 1 but you can make frequent wins when you play with them.

  • Dolphin’s Pearl Slot: This is a single reel slot with various sea creatures including a dolphin as its symbols. There are no bonus features as such but dolphin pays you the highest stake of 80 times your bet. Once you place a bet and roll the slot, you will get a payout depending on the symbol where it lands at.
  • Betting Strategy: One of the best betting strategies that you can use in Dolphin’s Roulette is a method of increase your bet gradually by a smaller amount until you make a win. Once you win, just start with the least amount again. This will cover for previous losses and you must set aside some money as a reserve to make some profit.


With two games in one screen and a live dealer who offers professional assistance just like in a real casino, Dolphin’s Roulette is definitely the game that keeps you entertained and winning.