Double Ball Roulette

Winning in a casino game requires a lot of luck but not when there are features in a game that increased your chances. Double Ball Roulette is one on such game where two balls run into action together to fall in your number sequence, so if one misses there is another ball still rolling to fall in your line. If that is not enough then there is another feature on which you stand a chance to get lucky. The side bet jackpot where you get to win 1200 times your bet amount if both the balls fall on a single number you choose from the table. The best part about this is you can choose multiple numbers from 0 to 36 that makes possibilities of winning strong.

About the developer of Double Ball Roulette:

The developer of Double Ball Roulette is NYX – FELT Gaming is popularly known for many awards winning casino games within the last couple of years. Within a very short span, they have earned good amount of fan following via their amazing games that constantly attracts gamblers from different countries.

About the game

In Double Ball Roulette game, you get to simultaneously place bets on two games that are divided into inside bets and outside bets. Inside bet is your main roulette table game with standard rules of classic European roulette. The difference is that there are two balls that you get to roll for your combination of choices on the table. The outside bet is your side bet that includes the jackpot level as well. So with multiple options and two balls, your chances of winning are very likely in this game.

  • Placing your jackpot bet: The jackpot in Double Ball Roulette must be selected before your spin the table. You can bet either on one single number or multiple from 0 to 36 or simply on all 37 including zero to increase your chances. So two balls on any single number on the table can win you £1200 instantly.

Neighbour Bets: This is a betting strategy that allows you to choose the neighboring numbers of the main number you have placed your bets on. Two numbers from either side of your main number on the roulette wheel are chosen here. So if at least one ball falls on any of these 5 numbers, you are a winner. In addition to a regular neighbor, there is three preset families of numbers called visions, orphans and tiers that you can bet on too.


Double Ball Roulette is game with double the chance of winning with two balls rolling at a time that enhances your luck. The game offers 97.30% return to the player.