Fast Buck Lucky

Online instant win games don’t come any better than Fast Buck Lucky. For the simple reason that you always stand a chance of winning great cash prizes each time you play this game developed by IWG.

Everyone’s A Winner With Fast Buck Lucky

This game is designed to ensure that everyone stands a chance of walking away with excellent cash rewards. Whether you are a new player or you are a wily veteran, there is always an opportunity for everyone to win small or big. The more you play, the greater your chances of winning instant cash prizes.

Three Games For Fun!

Fast Buck Lucky stays true to its name by enabling you to win cash in a quick time when you start playing it’s three mini-games. Each game provides you with an opportunity of winning big prizes independently or even bigger prizes when combined. With the lucky horseshoes, pots of gold and four leaf clover games on offer, players can enjoy playing these addictive games and winning cash prizes at the same time.
Playing Is Easy!

Each game offers its own unique prizes and all you need to do in order to stand the chance of winning these amazing prizes, is to place a wager.

You can either increase or decrease your bet by just pressing the increase bet or reduce wager buttons that are present for each game.

Each game has its own game objective and each objective leads you to win a great prize.
By revealing a bright rainbow when you match up items in the first game, you can win the prize displayed on the corresponding row.

There are three identical prize monies that can be matched up in the second game. When you are lucky enough to match all three prize monies, you then win whatever amount of prize money you are able to match up.

For game three, all you need to do is to match just two items that are in a row and you can win the prize that is shown on the row.

When you are able to win all three games in quick succession, you will be able to earn a chance of winning in NINE unique ways and increasing your earnings.

One other thing that makes Fast Buck Lucky a game that everyone would love, is its high return to player (RTP).

If you place a bet of £100 you are sure to get a payout of about £90.09.This high RTP is a great incentive for players that are concerned about the value of the RTP offered by online instant win games before they play.


With three different games for your gaming pleasure, you are sure to be entertained all day.You get the opportunity of winning prizes for each game independently and you can equally win even bigger prizes when all three games are combined.

Fast Buck Lucky will satisfy your need for fun and quick money. Just one bit of warning is necessary at this point, the game is highly addictive, so make sure you attend to other pressing activities before you start playing.