Football Studio

Have you caught the World Cup fever yet? If so you aren’t alone. This highly contagious fever often sees fans of the beautiful game doing really crazy things and sweeps the globe once every four years. Obviously seeking to cash in on the ongoing football craze, gaming giant Netent has established a Football Studio for devotees of the sport who are fervently looking for all the football-inspired fun they can wring out right this moment.

As to what this game is like, read on and find out.

Oh Dear, My Very Own Football Studio!

Live Football Studio is a live studio card game with an overwhelming football theme. The action takes place on a miniature football pitch in the foreground. The backdrop is what else but a lush football pitch, of the sort you might find at high-class clubs like Real Madrid.

There are two supported teams, the home and away teams and play is made by dealing cards to them, with the card with the most value winning. In Football Studio, win bets results in even money payouts, while tie and draw bets pay off at 11 to 1. Gameplay is fluid and fast and at the bottom of the screen are positioned useful information as to current matches, previous results and players’ gaming history.

Handling matters is a sports commentator who seems to know his stuff. He’s a handsome chap dressed in a suit and tie and provides all the necessary information for a seamless gameplay experience. Do note that during gameplay at Football Studio you will not be able to watch the ongoing World Cup games, though the presenter will not be so limited.

Football Studio apparently arose out of a need to bring fans of the game together, so that they could cheer and support their teams and share knowledge and experience via the provided live chat feature. This card game is as well available across a wide range of internet-connected devices and the fact that it can be easily played on mobile is probably going to be a huge draw.

Final Thoughts

Football Studio is for die-hard fans of the game looking to live large, have as much fun as they can, interact with players around the globe and gain awareness and insight into the beautiful game. Overall, while it’s mostly unspectacular, it looks good, works well and is worth kicking into.