FruitZ online slots game has five reels and twenty-five payline structure. This game is developed by Foxium who have developed games with high-quality graphics and unique interesting storylines.

Get Surprised by a Farm of Zombie Fruits and Vegetables

FruitZ slots game has an interesting storyline, one fine day a meteorite falls on a farm and the toxic substance from it turns the fruits and vegetables into zombies. The brave farm girl takes up a shotgun and stands against the zombies. Though it may sound creepy and eerie the appeal of the game is cartoonish and entertaining. This is one of the recent games in the casino market and therefore is equipped with great graphics and animation effects.

The symbols of the game are various zombie fruits such as apple, strawberry, lemon and so on. The wild symbol in the game replaces all the other symbols except the scatter symbol. The wild symbol comes up in both base game and in free spins rounds. There are two bonus symbols where one of them is a chest which drops out during the basic game and it grants a card which will be added to the collection. The other bonus symbol is a fortune wheel which grants different bonus offers.

Exclusive Bonus Offers in Fruitz Online Slots Game

The two biggest bonus features are The Card Collection and The Fortune Wheel which are explained below

  • The Card Collection – One of the unique features of FruitZ slots game is this feature. There are a total of eight cards present in four sets and with the completion of each set the payback of this game increases.
  • The Fortune Wheel – this feature can lead to three bonus offers
  1. Shoot the boxes – The player will be provided with three bullets to shoot twelve boxes in the start. The boxes could bring payoffs or additional bullets.
  1. Shoot the Jars – Similar to the above option players will be given three bullets to shoot twelve glass jars.
  1. Free Spins – As many as eight spins will be granted with the bet value of the previous normal round

Final note

FruitZ game is one of the recently developed online slots game which has latest graphics and innovative storyline along with exclusive bonus features. The RTP of this slots game is 92.98% and rises up to 96.96% for every card collected for 20 spins.