Game of Thrones 243 Ways

HBO’s most popular TV show Game of Thrones has now entered the online slots world. Microgaming’s Game of Thrones 243 ways features the four houses from the show with 243 pay lines. The stakes start from 30p per spin and increase up to £6.

Enter the Game of Thrones and play with your favorite houses

Based on R.R. Martin’s best selling series, Game of Thrones slots game features the famous for houses from the TV series. Each house has the different number of stacked symbols, multiplier, and free spins.

The Baratheon house is the first one. This house brings you the 8 free spins and fixed 5x multiplier, which means your winning amount will be increased 5 times. There is also 3 stacks Sigil symbol of Baratheon house to help you win more.

Next house is the Lannister house. It has 4 stacks of Lannister Sigil symbol. Lannister house will get you 10 free spins and 4x multiplier. So your winnings will be multiplied by 4 times.

The Stark house will get you 14 free spins and a 3x multiplier. The Stark house is also stacked up with 5 Stark house Sigil symbol.

Last but not the least is the Targaryen house. It will get you the most free spins I.e. 18 free spins. And a 2x multiplier of this house will double your winning amount. The Targaryen house is stacked 6 Sigil symbols.

Game of Thrones 243 ways features

The main feature of Game of Thrones 243 ways is the retrigger. With this feature, you can trigger the features of the slot game again. This feature is triggered when you get 3 scatter symbols of the Game of Thrones house.

The second feature of Game of Thrones 243 ways is scatter bonus. If you land 2 scatter symbols, this scatter bonus feature is triggered and you will win a cash prize with the multiplied winning amount.

The next feature is gamble trail. In this feature, you will get to watch the video of Game of Thrones series through your journey of Westeros and Essos kingdoms. And you get the chance to double your wins for up to 4 times if you are lucky.

To sum up

Game of Thrones 243 ways is a rich themed slot game with bright colours and detailed animations. The game is expected to capture its audience in no time, not only because of the renowned title, but that it is a perfect balance of enjoyment and great payouts.