Golden Ball

There are numerous variants of the online roulette game where some of them offer
different gameplay by comprising factors such as themes, bonus rounds,
modification in gaming rules and so on. Golden Ball Roulette is one of the
popular variants of roulette, and it is enjoyed by various people across the

Information about the developer of the game

Golden Ball Roulette is developed by Extreme Live Gaming. This gaming company has developed games with great uniqueness and some fantastic factors which makes it stand apart from rest of the games available in the casino sector.

Highlights of Golden Ball Roulette Game

Golden Ball Roulette is a live casino game where a live dealer and a real roulette
table will be present. The dealer performs the actions like a real dealer in an
actual casino. The game has the gameplay slightly based on European Roulette
which means that there is only one zero on the roulette wheel and the table.

The unique feature of this game is the extra round where the player who has made
the highest bet will be selected and that player will have the chance to spin
the ball in this round. The highest bet will be calculated based on the bet
amount for twenty games excluding the side bets. The player who has the highest
betting limit will be notified accordingly.

In Golden Ball Roulette, the chip denominations start from £1 and extend up to
£1000, players can set the betting amount as per their convenience. Players can
use the x-zoom mode to have a comfortable view of the game.

The payout ratios like any other roulette game change in this roulette variant too.
The ratios are – 1:1 for odd, even, black, red, low and high, 2:1 for column or
dozen bets, 8:1 for corners, 11:1 for trios, 35:1 for straight up bets and 17:1
for split bets.

Also,the style of the game is like that of a tournament, and this makes the players
more excited and engaging. Players can also have the option to interact with
the dealers and the other roulette players present in the game. They can even
share strategies and tips about the game.

Final judgment

Golden Ball Roulette is probably one of the most exciting versions of the roulette
game as it offers an extra round for one player among all the players involved
in the game.