Ho Ho Tower

The thrill and excitement of exploring a new game is beyond imagination. Every casino fan should try Ho Ho Tower. It also goes by the name of Ho. This is a great game to play and casino lovers can spend hours spinning this slot machine.

Elk Gaming powered this slot is often misunderstood to be similar to that of Hong Kong Tower; the only difference is that the theme is inspired from different aspects of Christmas. The reality is that it is not.

A look at the design of the slot machine

All about Ho Ho Tower in Detail

When you take a look at the slot machine, you will find that it has 99 paylines and 5 reels. The Christmas theme is set with the ambience that replicates Hong Kong during the Festive season. Do not be fooled by the traditional layout of the Ho Ho Tower slot machine; there is a lot more hidden while you play the game.   

Considering that even the symbols are a part of the design, you will get to see many of them that totally brings out the spirit of Christmas. From Christmas sweets, lotuses, Christmas bonsai trees and the Gold 7 to even the famous Ying Yang symbol; there is so much in store for the player.

Bonuses and prizes to earn while playing Ho Ho Tower

For potential big wins, a mystery symbol appears which is designed to transform into some other symbol. The Sky Bonus feature is another beautiful attraction of the wheel. If a player gets this symbol, he/she has a chance to win prizes in cash. In the third and the final wheel, there are chances that the player can win bigger amounts.

If the blue coloured Ying Yang symbol appears, the player has a chance to get two extra lives because of the Sky Bonus that is triggered. The Icy logo symbol of the Ho Ho Tower is another beautiful symbol which gives a player a chance to win something big. Again this is also a symbol that can transform into something else.


Considering that today many people play their favourite slot game on different devices; Ho Ho Tower is designed so that you can play it on different kinds of devices. There are special versions for different devices. Based on the compatibility, you can download the relevant version and play the HO.