Lil’ Lady Bingo

Lil’ Lady Bingo has been brought into the market by IGT and it revolves around two ladybugs who are crazy about bingo! Just like any other bingo game, this game doesn’t come with any paylines or reels. Hence, making it a more of an ordinary game than a standard slot game. Read more to know the gameplay details!

Play bingo with Lil’ Lady Bingo

For every bet in Lil’ Lady Bingo, you will be able to withdraw 35 draws which are lying there in the bingo bowl. In order to begin with the game, you have to place a bet ranging from £1.00 to £10.00. You need to click on your desired bet to have it applied. The unique feature of this bingo game is that it allows you to choose between Manual Dabbing or Automatic Dabbing. If you will go for the Automatic Dab then all the called numbers will be marked automatedly, however, the manual-dab mode allows you to mark 35 called numbers one by one. The latter one maintains the thrill of the game.
The bingo card in Lil’ Lady Bingo is made by 25 squares, that is 5 rows and 5 lines. Among these 25 squares, only three are blank. Hence, it gives you higher chances of winning.
On the display block, you will be given two choices, Draw One and Draw all. Choosing the ‘Draw One’ will ask you to click 35 times in order to get numbers while ‘Draw All’ will draw all at once. The game offers different playing patterns which will vary award-winning prizes. When all numbers would be called(Full House), you will be given a multiplier of 1,500x your total stake. Marking the ‘Z’ pattern awards 25x your bet, ‘X’ pattern will give you 10x your bet, 4 corners give 2x and finally one line dabbing will give 1x. Sadly, the game doesn’t come with any bonus feature, although the multipliers are quite successful in filling the void.

To sum up

Lil’ Lady Bingo is indeed a fun game to play and is especially meant for players who like to play bingo in those long gone gatherings. Even for the ones who are not aware much about the gameplay, the game is certainly going into your list of favourites.