Live Auto Roulette

Live Auto Roulette is one of NetEnt’s biggest releases and is streamed live from a studio located in far away Malta. While it is called Live Auto Roulette there is actually nothing live about it, as no live dealer is involved with the gameplay proceedings.

The “live” designation apparently comes from the fact that a live view of the spinning roulette wheel is provided by multiple cameras. There is also a live voice over which can be toggled on or off according to player needs. The roulette version in play here is the European version with its single zero pocket and more player-friendly rules.

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Live It Up With Live Auto Roulette!
At the right of the screen are the hot and cold numbers and there are both a racetrack and neighbour side bets for those looking for some extra action. There are lots of gameplay options in this roulette game. Thus, the game sounds can be toggled on or off, a fullscreen mode is available, as is the betting history and paytable.

Players can also access and evaluate the bets being made by other players. They can as well speedily double their bets just by clicking on the handy “double your bets” button.


The featured chip sizes in this roulette game vary from a low of ₤1 to a max of ₤1,000. Bets per spin start from ₤1, with high rollers being able to wager a maximum of ₤2,500 per game.

To make bets, all that’s required is to select the preferred chip value and then place these on the position desired. The wheel then spins and Lady Luck starts showering her blessings on the players.

A trio of bet options is supported in Live Auto Roulette. These are the inside, outside and racetrack bets.

The Inside Bet features every number found on the roulette wheel and includes a split, straight, corner, six line and three line. Outside bets comprise dozen bets, column bets, odd/even and red/black. As for racetrack bets, there are fully optional, with their primary purpose being enabling the easy and efficient placement of bets.

Live Auto Roulette features a paytable that does not differ in any way from any standard roulette game. Thus, odd/even, red/black and high/low bets offer payouts of 1:1. Dozen and Column bets pay out 2:1, corners payout 8:1, trios pay out 11:1, split bets pay out 17:1 and straight bets offer a 35:1 payout.

Final Thoughts

Live Auto Roulette offers really speedy gameplay that dispenses with the services of a live dealer and is good for both high and low rollers. Options aplenty, varied audio and video effects and live chat functionality all make this game a sweet delight.