Live Blackjack Pro

Live Blackjack Pro is a Net Entertainment game and is an ideal option for the players who love to try new variants of the Blackjack. There are 5 versions of the Blackjack hosted by Netent and this is the one that is most suited for professional players who like to roll high.

The Exclusive Live Blackjack Pro: Rules to play

Here you can play with experienced and charismatic live dealers. The table statistics as well as the history of last ten hands of the dealer can also be known from the information available. All the cards have their faces down and for winning, you need to earn a hand with any value that is close to 21 and that too without going over.

For keeping the current bet, you have to click the ‘Stand’ feature while for dealing with the card, you need ‘Hit’ option. When the ‘Double’ option shows up, the bet can be doubled. Similarly, for splitting the hands, the ‘Split’ feature can be used which will lead to dealing of two cards automatically.

Live Blackjack Pro: Betting Options

The minimum bet is £200 while the highest is £2000. It can be said that this game not for low rollers. The gameplay can be begun by choosing 1 of the table positions and the desired chip value. 1 or more chips can be placed on the betting position. The dealer will deal with the cards only when ‘No More Bets’ show up on screen.

You have to either form a blackjack with first 2 cards which are dealt with or you can form a hand having value closer to 21 than dealer if you want to win. In case the dealer wins or busts along with an Insurance bet, the player can win if he has 21 or any value lesser than that. Also, if the player does not play his hand within the given time limit, the hand will stand automatically. And if the player does not place the bet for three hands consecutively, his table position will be lost.

Closing Thoughts: What’s can you expect from Live Blackjack Pro?

As Live Blackjack Pro is designed by the renowned Netent, you are given a user friendly as well as an innovative interface. Netent is best known for its high-end sound and graphics. Along with interaction with a live dealer, the player gets to experience a unique casino feeling.