Live Roulette

NetEnt has designed Live Roulette which will give you a complete feeling of land gaming on your devices with an immersive view. It comes with an easy user interface, well synchronized audio and video along with the high definition visuals. Streaming is smooth and you can freely toggle between felt stream or video stream while the gameplay is on. Besides the games is advanced in technology as it is playable on all devices. Enter into this amazing game with a minimum bet of £1.

How to play Live Roulette?

Select a number from 1-36 plus a single zero and place a bet on that number before you throw the ball. After the betting time, you need to throw the ball into the wheel in the opposite direction of wheel movement. The ball will halt at any number and if the number matches the number for which you placed the bet you win.

Updated Features of Live Roulette

Autoplay feature- Choose the number of bets before spinning the wheel with the autoplay option in the game. This will offer smooth gameplay without any halts as the number of bets is fixed before. So you can enjoy the gameplay for an elongated time period in this Roulette game.

Single Zero in European Roulette- You will find single zero in Live Roulette online game. Start playing by selecting chip worth a minimum £1. The bets can be placed on “odds or even” / ”black or red”.

Live Chat feature- Know about the game by chatting with other players as the platform is user-friendly. Communicate to advance in the gameplay by taking the help of this live chat feature. You will be thrilled to know that the game offers a brilliant user interface and a camera which covers every angle to give you a better view of the game.

To Sum up

You will experience high-quality casino gameplay in Live Roulette online game by NetEnt. The recent updates like the Live Chat, Autoplay and well synchronization during the gameplay make this game worth being played by casino players. In NetEnt’s Live Roulette, you will get a feeling similar to that of a land-based casino which is surely an enhanced gaming experience. So why to wait to bet in this? Log in Cloud Casino quickly!