Live Roulette

Every gambler knows that how exciting roulette becomes, when the ball runs in the spinning wheel and falls in their selected slot. It is an exciting game and every gambler wants to try his luck in this game. Unfortunately, maximum of them don’t get a chance of visiting the casinos because of their busy work schedule. Now the Extreme Live Gaming has solved this unique problem of many gamblers.

Extreme Live Gaming is providing you with Live Roulette game that is similar as the ground based casino edition of roulette game. You can play real bets and get a chance of winning huge amount by choosing the right slot of the spinning wheel.

Live Roulette: Get casino like feel at home:

The Live Roulette game is quite different from other online casino games. In other casino games, the game developers use animated graphics to create a casino like atmosphere. They use animated characters to attract the gamblers, but still these games look like normal video games. The Extreme Live Gaming has tried to improve level of online casino games. You play with a real dealer, who is a charming lady. She talks to you and spins wheel like they do in real casinos. It is quite a unique approach of drawing attention of gamblers, who are tired of playing boring casino games on their cell phones and laptops.

Play live and win more:

Everything goes in front of you. You play like a gambler who sits in front of roulette wheel. You get coins of different values to place your stake. You can choose the numbers on the roulette wheel and you can also choose more than one number to increase your winning chances. The dealer spins wheel with ball, once you choose the number. You get rewarded when you win the amount and you lose if you don’t guess the rewarding number.

By the way, this game is quite different from the roulette game you play in real casinos. There no one suggest you the probability of winning numbers, but in Live Roulette game, it helps you in guessing the right slot to win a big amount. You can also chat with the dealer and that option is given on the top side of the screen towards right side.

You can easily place the bet by choosing the numbers and let the dealer spin wheel to bring your winning number. This game has everything that people get in real roulette game. So don’t wait anymore and start playing it right now.