Lucky Falls

IGT has focused deeply on the title while designing gameplay for Lucky Falls. Out here, your luck will be tested on the basis of the coins that will drop through the waterfall. They will fall into the water stream and will bounce as they will hit the land, this will award you win! Read more to know what more this watery slot has for you.

Fall in love with the Lucky Falls

Your basic motive in Lucky Falls is simply to drop three coins in a bucket in order to make a win. However, if you will even manage to drop a single coin in the central pot then it will trigger the bonus round for you. You will then be asked to pick one of available three instant prizes.
When it comes to the display, then most of its part is related to the theme itself. It offers a touchable drop area above the main waterfall of the game, game board and a meter which displays the number of coins you are left with. The bottom area consists of six buckets in different colors and each one of them is marked with a shamrock-shaped meter displaying prizes for each one of them. Apart from these, you will have a central bonus pot, REVEAL ALL button and DROP button.
In order to begin with the game, you have to first set your bets. After that, just click on the DROP button and a drop zone will be selected randomly. Otherwise, you can even press the highlighted area above the fall which will release coins over the falls. Clicking on the REVEAL ALL button will switch your game into automatic mode.
As the coin will land in a bucket, leaf of the meter for that particular bucket will be highlighted. Landing three coins in the same bucket will award you the payout.

Lucky Falls Bonus Feature

As already discussed, landing a coin in the bonus/central pot will take you to the bonus round which is designed behind the waterfall. This will offer you three gems and you have to select one of them. It will then reveal its prize value.  

To sum up

Lucky Falls is a long and exciting game to play with nice visuals. Its different style is good for freshening up when you get bored of the standard reels and paylines structure.