Mayan Bonus

Behind masks lie undiscovered treasures. And if you are looking for jackpots then Mayan Bonus Slot is the one for you. Deface the masks and the big prizes waiting for you and even bigger golden balls which lead you to your guaranteed prize bonus game. This amazing slot is developed by IWG. There are three Mayan based game slots, this slot is one of them.  Instant win games are a hit among players this is another reason to play this beautifully themed game. The theme is fascinating, colourful with a touch of ancient civilisation. Mayan bonus slot is very easy to play with easy instructions .

Reveal the masks for guaranteed win in Mayan bonus

Start your game by pressing the play button below the stake amount. After this bet amount will be deducted from the current amount. Once the bet amount is set for the game, deface the mask by clicking on the masks. Behind every mask lies a prize waiting for you. To win Reveal 3 matching amounts.The slot is amazing because if you reveal a golden ball underneath the mask then it fills one of the 9 Bonus game slots. You have to collect 9 golden balls to unlock the bonus game for a sure win and this is not difficult because all golden balls collected across the games remain in the next games.  

The win is guaranteed with these 2 ways to win

Behind 9 masks there lie 9 prizes and you win if you reveal 3 matching prize amounts and win that particular amount.And don’t worry if you haven’t revealed 3 matching prize because the win is assured with the unlockable bonus game.

Play again with same bet amount

When the game ends the result is displayed on a message panel. The player can play the slot again with the same bet amount and same numbers as the previous slot by clicking the play button on the message panel. Player can also adjust the stake amount. On clicking the play button bet amount will be deducted from the current balance.

Final thoughts

Mayan bonus is not going to disappoint you with unlockable bonus game and fascinating theme. The slot has received a good response from the players. Moreover, the slot is a slot of chance, your actions can not change the result of the game. Those who are new to online slot gaming can play this slot easily. The theoretical average return to player(RTP) is 89.86%. Keep collecting golden balls and earn yourself a bonus and hence a hefty payout.