Mayan Legends

Made by Instant Win Gaming, Mayan Legends packs very pleasurable 3D graphics, superb audio and Mayan theme to keep history fans happy as a lark. The game comes with vivid and realistic statues of Mayan civilisation. These are called Legends and look awesome and impressive. One hand can win a maximum of £400k and lots of other fabulous prizes.

The game is one of the three Mayan-themed games recently launched by the company. With so many similar games users might be spoilt for choice. This is why it’s important to find out just what Mayan Legends has that its siblings and rivals from other company do not have.

Time To Get Awed By Mayan Legends

The game comes with rich and rewarding hidden treasures. To get your paws on them the game has to be started so you can go about unearthing them. To begin, press the “Play” button and you are good to go. Bet amounts can be adjusted by clicking on the “+” and “-” buttons on the reels. Once the play is begun, players are given a total of five chances to roll the dice and find out what lady luck has in store for them. There’s also a mask waiting to be collected. To do this, click the dice and its coordinates will be given.

There are seemingly endless ways to win. Among the more noteworthy are-

  • Players can fill up the rows on the prize table. If this is done, the prize money currently displayed in the row is theirs to play with.
  • Players can choose to collect three and up crystal masks.
  • Or collect the instant prize waiting on the game board.

Mayan Legends can be ceaselessly replayed using the same bet amount. This is done by clicking the “Play” button and is rather convenient. However, there are numerous options available to change your bet/stake to one which is more favourable to you.

Final Thoughts

Legends are not merely born, it seems they are also meant to be played! And played well too. Thus,  Mayan Legends comes loaded with all the eye-candy possible and rocking slick gameplay features and overall excellent playability. The RTP is set at 85.16% This might be below par, but the game looks so sweet, you speedily forget this fact. Moreover, with a possible total prize of £400,000 on offer, players can really hit it big and become a legend themselves. Overall, this is a game that comes eagerly recommended.