Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot

A Castle full of cash has been raided! And you are being called to save it from the dragon. The game comes with a slightly different gameplay which doesn’t comprise of the usual paylines or reels! Money Dragon’s Loot has been launched by IGT and is played in a bit different way than usual slots.

Stop the Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot has a backdrop made up of grasslands surrounded by tall green mountains. In the middle of all this, you will see an armed warrior holding his catapult and boulders, ready to fight. Royal-like music accompanies you during your entrance.
The game is jewelled with shiny symbols which include, Orange Gem, Blue Gem, Purple Gem, Yellow Gem, Green Gem, Red Gem, and Diamond. In order to get them on your reels, you have to place your desired bet. Over the Bet Tab, you can see different bet amounts starting from a minimum of £1.00.
The game gives you seven shots for every bet and your main aim is to shoot the castle. This will make you collect symbols. Clicking on the ‘Fire’ will fire the boulders wrecking up the parts of the castle. Every wrecked corner will then show three symbols. You will be able to see all these symbols on a timber plank. In order to win in Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot, you have to collect symbols which will then award you prizes depending on the number of symbols you will collect. These winning combinations can be formed by collecting to 4 to 6 symbols of the particular type.
By placing the highest stake and being able to land the 6 red symbols, you will be able to make it to the highest bet which is £300,000.

Bonus feature

The only feature available in Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot is Dragon’s Loot Round. It will be begin when your rock will hit the dragon’s chamber. The room where dragon sleeps is full of coins and golden ornaments along with three sacks. Click on any one of them in order to reveal hidden symbols. It will award you cash if you will be able to form winning combination combining them with your older set.

To sum up

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot is a fun game to play with a unique gameplay. It is a good choice to land on when looking for some variation amongst the standard slots.