Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop has been released in a completely new concept by IGT. This unique is slot is quite different from the slots you might have played till now. The reason being it doesn’t come with any reels or paylines. So gear yourself up to experience the lands of Ancient China with some new companions and high payouts. The Monkeys are waiting for you!

Take a safe look at Monkey Drop

The background of Monkey Drop is of Ancient China where you will see tall towers with infrastructure of those bygone days. You will see plenty of cartoon monkeys climbing on the tall Chinese buildings, dropping their balls on the coloured tiles and then filling up the banana-shaped win-meters. The point where actual fun begins is a wooden grid which has been packed with certain golden balls. Although monkeys are mostly found in forests, there are some of them which are kept as pets here. The slot is all about the latter ones.
You can place your bets between £1.00 to £10.00. As soon as you will place your bets, the game will be started and you will receive 7 drops.
This will bring with itself a cheeky monkey which is designed holding a green ball. He will keep sliding over the grid. The bottom of this grid consists of 6 tiles in different colours. Your aim for the game is to drop these balls into the tiles which pay highest. When you will see monkey gliding, just click on the ‘Drop’ Tab so that the balls might be able to brave the golden balls. The tiles are designed in colours of Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.

Bonus Round

Monkey Drop consists of only one bonus feature and landing the green balls on the middle tile will make the lazy monkeys take you into this round which will give you massive wins. You can win a maximum of 150,000 coins with this round. It will be awarded if you will put a bet of £10.00 and will land maximum number of green balls.

To sum up

Monkey Drop has been developed with a different gameplay which can offer you some fresh slot time when you are bored of the usual stuff. Also, the bonus features are simple to trigger which certainly means good payouts.