Multihand Blackjack

Anybody who has ever tried their luck at gambling would have definitely played this game or at least heard about it. Because without any doubt it is the ultimate gambling card game.  Unfortunately this is one game that cannot be played alone and definitely not from the comfort of your homes. But, What if you could do exactly that? Yes, it is possible!! You may ask how? By playing Multihand Blackjack on Cloud Casino, where else?! Brought to you by NetEnt, this version of the classic Blackjack is possibly the best gift NetEnt could give to the gamblers! But what is Multihand? Is it very different from the classic blackjack? Let’s find out!

Get the perfect winning hand with Multihand Blackjack!

Multihand Blackjack is perfectly optimized to work on the touch screens of your mobiles and tablets thus making it easier to play the multiple hands simultaneously which is required for this game. The HD graphics of this game are sleek and takes the gameplay to another level. Giving you an almost real experience, the mobile version is a must play! Compatible with all android and iOS devices, this is the closest you can be to Las Vegas, if not there physically!


The Gameplay is pretty similar to that of a normal blackjack game. You get to bet between a lowly 25p to a high of £100 per hand. Thus it makes it exciting for novices who want to play it safe as well as experts who want to go for the big wins. The wins are paid at a 3 to 2 rate which is a pretty cool win ratio. But probably the best feature about this game would be the fact that you can but on 3 hands at the same time against the dealer’s one. This basically means that you have 3 times the chance to win against the dealer. Cool right?? Also the payout percentage in Multihand Blackjack stands at an astonishing 99.38% which means you lose virtually no money at all! With a return rate so high, it is definitely worth a short, even if you do not have any experience of playing it before hand!

Try a hand for sure!!

Multihand Blackjack is one game you don’t want to miss out on!! Play it for the sheer nostalgic experience of playing a Blackjack game right from wherever you are. And even if you are new to it, you must try it because it is extremely easy to play and gives you great odds on winning. What more could you want from a slot game?? So, take your mobiles out and challenge the dealer to win, because Cloud Casino is bringing to you the best!