Pachinko is an oddly named, quite intriguing slot game from one of the most established developers. As the name suggests, the basic idea of the games is to win the free spins. The slot has some distinctive roll styles and the layout is perfect. 


This is a reelless slot with casino pay lines and it’s something very basic. The overall game is pretty simple without many buttons. The background is filled with night and blossoms. It looks more like a japanese pagoda styled temple with high hats. The basic layout is simple and modular with no unwanted complexities. The score is also very minimal with a mild tune to make a pinch of excitement. 


Here its all about numbers rather than symbols. There are four tickets, backdropped by a tranquil Japanese-style temple, where a Maneki-Neko is perched, perhaps to bring good luck to the player. This is the thing which makes the players luck at high. The players just have to roll and spin the numbers to win high. 


The normal jackpot will be the only bonus here. Activated whenever the players hit bingo on a ticket, the jackpot feature activates an impressive 5000x.  Important to note is that the jackpot feature can only be activated when all four cards are in play. Also, the jackpot feature can only trigger when all four cards are in-play.

Bonus Features

Activating the bingo feature will be the bonus here. One such feature is the bonus, which will be triggered by the bonus pattern on the paytable. Here, the player can progress through five levels, where instant cash prizes trigger upon moving past each. Prizes in the bonus game can be up to 400x bet. Other extras in the game worth mentioning include the wild balls and free balls. While the latter is self-explanatory, the other refers to those that can take any position to help complete a winning combination.


Overall, Pachinko is an outstanding slot that manages to live up to most of the gamer’s expectations. It’s cool as well as rewarding. The only negative will be the lack of bonus and the negative spins which the players get.