Pirates Smugglers Paradise

The Pirates of the Caribbean have always received a warm welcome from the crowd owing to its adventurous screenplay. The casino enthusiasts can finally rejoice and heave a sigh of relief for there is yet another innovative creation that promises to enthrall them with its multifaceted creations that involve pirates, eye patches, and swords. The game has been designed in such a manner as to allow the player to gain access to a remote island, as they set across the high sails with the only mission to find the hidden treasures. The game is spread across 5 reels and 5 rows, with a wicked pay mechanic that is supported by cascading symbols, win multipliers, and symbol collection combined with 3 choices for the bonus round.

Basic layout

The game has a befitting theme to it with the hidden bay acting as the perfect backdrop to inhabit the pirates waiting to go out on their next plunder. On the offshore, the players can spot the parked ship with the high and mighty sail displaying the slot reels. The sail has a myriad of features, ranging from free spin symbols to win multipliers. All these features have been displayed on either side of the steady sail, which marks the most attractive feature of the game. The mustached crab in the game can hold the completed symbols in a row that helps in adding the win multipliers to the game.


This slot game has about 12 pay symbols to offer huge cash rewards to the bonus, with a balanced blend of low, medium, and high paying symbols. The low paying symbols of the game include the card suits, like the diamond, clubs, spades, and hearts. The mid paying level of the game has symbols in ascending order like the pirate’s book, poison bottle, sword, and handgun. The high paying symbols of the game are called the premium symbols and include 4 main characters: a parrot, a quartermaster, a deckhand and the captain of the ship.

Special features

The paper scrolls are the free spin symbols of the game, which can be found next to the plundering location.

Bonus symbols

There is a peppy audio track to keep the players invested in the slot game, which is enhanced by the sound of the reels. There are no wilds or other bonus symbols in the game.


The game has all the right features to give the gamers a thrilling ride that is fit to break the monotony of their lives.