roman power

Roman Power is a wonderfully balanced slot play with the right amount of features. With an amazing graphic section, the game can become a real treat for all the slot enthusiasts. The slot is actually a rip-off of the Roman era and the objects and symbols sync perfectly with this ideology. 

About Roman Power

It’s a short game here. The overall layout and interface are simple to the core and makes everything less hectic. The feature table, as well as the paytable, is filled to the minimum and this makes the gaming experience more predictable. In looks, Roman Power is more Caesars Palace than the genuine Italian article. The colour combination of gold and orange really hit someplace. The trumpet-orchestral hit also actively synchronizes the true gaming agenda. 


The patterns here are well worth it. But it’s simple too. There are 11 symbols in total including 5 low pays and 5 premiums. The low consist of 10-A royals with SPQR font and the high pays are crossed swords, bracers, a shield, body armour, and a plumed helmet. The highest-valued symbol in the Roman Power online slot is the hero wild. The minimum bet a player can place whether they play Roman Power for free or for real money, is 0.20 credits. The maximum bet will be 50 credits per spin.


The primary feature here is the Hero Wild. The wild symbol creates further combinations and makes every pay double. Every time the Hero Wild activates into play, there is this high chance of a Power Multiplier getting activated. When this happens, a random multiplier of x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10 gets revealed.


Here the game is a real deal when we only consider the overall layout and the built structure. It’s actually a power play of history in the theme of the Roman Empire. The slot is well sketched and the features are minimal.