Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a live version of the classic game of roulette. With betting limits ranging from £5 to £20,000, this game is perfect for all types of players including high rollers. The game is developed by Evolution and is played on special red tables. You will also find highly skilled and experienced dealers. The game offers elegant user interface and different camera-angle views to further add to the thrill and charm of the game. The table has standard bets, side bets, and the options for saving favourite bets. You can also chat live with the dealers who are courteous and professional at the same time.

Live Roulette Gameplay

When you start Live Roulette, you will have the option to play it in Classic view or 3D view.  You can also switch between the two views during the gameplay, from within the game options panel. You can place your bets by choosing the right size of chips, ranging from £5 to £10,000. Choose the chips and place them on the areas on the table by clicking. The other chip denominations include £50, £500, £1000, and £5000.

Live Roulette Bets

If you choose to play the 3D view, it may not be possible to view the slot where the wheel comes to a halt. There is also a Racetrack option on the table that allows you to place special bets and neighbour bets. The ‘racetrack’ can be seen on the bottom right corner along with the ‘favourite bets’ option. You can thus save all your favourite bets with just a click. You can save up to a total of 15 bet patterns, which helps speed up your wager placement options.

Live Roulette also allows you to adjust the game’s video quality. You can view the game history, get help or live chat with the croupier. If you want an exotic gaming experience, it is recommended to choose the special Red Rooms that feature Premium tables and pleasing dealers.

To Sum Up

Live Roulette offers you a premium gaming experience while being able to play classic roulette. With betting range of up to £20,000 per spin, it welcomes all types of players including high rollers. Choose the exotic red tables to have a more premium experience. Chat with the dealers and enjoy the gaming experience in high quality. This is a thrilling table game that offers just the perfect gaming environment for you to engage in classic version of the game.