Snakes & Ladders Game Changer

Players can’t expect high from this slot. It’s a simple, well-built slot with some features to roll. The rest is all about the layout, the background and the features. When it comes to the theme, it’s a cartoon machine built upon ‘back in the good days’ nostalgia. So don’t miss this roll! 


This is Snakes and Ladders. A slot that is built upon memories and nostalgia. The slot is not that futuristic and not that lame too. It’s a bit dated when it comes to the thematic representation. The feature table is also not that updated since the whole roll is about moving the snakes through the ladder. The players can’t expect the game to have a free spin or a multiplier function. But still, it’s a piece of history and rolling makes the players thrilled up for the winnings to come. The layout is jungly, and monkeys and other creatures can be seen hanging on the vines. 


There are two types of symbols inside this gameplay. The primary feature symbols and the bonus ones. The primary will be the S&L logo, one or two dice, bananas, coconuts, pineapples, avocados and other fruits, along with multiple logos, squirrel monkeys and Toucan birds. The bonus symbols will be 5 Toco Toucans, 5 Squirrel Monkeys, or 3 Loot Ladders. The logo symbols get an X, along with the number 10. With the spinning of the slot, the middle-row symbols will get removed for more symbols which are helpful for the bonuses. 

Features of the Slot

This can get somewhat complicated. There are no features here except the wild. The wild creates the bonus and the wild create the deals. The wild will be the symbol that can deliver the slot’s top wins, of up to 5,000x the stake, all from a single combo formed. Actually, this one is enough to make the rollings moving without any stops. 


What the game has for the players is something high and minimal. The main attraction here will be the theme and of course the snakes and the ladders. With the correct roll, a lot can be gained here.