Speed Baccarat Live

Speed Baccarat Live, developed by Evolution, is a unique variant of the game designed specifically for players who want to avoid controlled card squeezes, multi-angle views, and close-ups. If you love the fast-paced version of the game and want to enjoy the gaming action in real time, this is just the perfect baccarat version for you. It is called ‘speed’ baccarat for a reason.

Speed Baccarat Live Gameplay

Speed Baccarat Live follows the same rules as the standard variant of the game. It is played using the same 8-deck shoe and has side bets. The only difference it may have is the absence of random shuffle. The game action is as following:

  • The dealer will deal 2 face-up cards each to the player and banker after the bets are placed
  • This is a fast-paced game, so players have to be quick with placing the bets. Bets need to be placed within 12 seconds.
  • The dealer can draw the third card instantly and the results are also announced immediately.
  • The game can have 3 outcomes – the player wins or the banker or it is a tie.
  • The winning bets are paid out and the next round begins.

Speed Baccarat Live Features

The concept behind the development of Speed Baccarat Live was to offer a game that had simple standard rules, removed all the features that slowed down the gameplay and allow players to experience pure game action. The main features of this card game are as follows:

  • A typical round on a standard baccarat table can last for at least 48 seconds. Evolution gaming has reduced that time to just 27 seconds.
  • The dealer deals out face-up cards and third cards are instantly dealt
  • The betting window is open for just 12 seconds. You will have to keep up with the pace of Speed Baccarat Live.
  • The card game offers all the standard options, roadmaps, and side bets within the gaming interface.
  • The basic rules are all similar to the rules of standard Baccarat game.
  • There are no face-down cards or different cameras.
  • The game is compatible with both desktops and mobile devices, allowing you to play from anywhere and at any time.
  • The real-time game action is streamed in high-definition.

To Sum Up

Speed Baccarat Live takes the thrill of the baccarat table to the next level. It is a fast-paced variant of standard baccarat that reduces 20 seconds on a round. The cards are dealt face-up and you can place all the different types of bets on a standard game.