Speed Roulette Live

Always shooting for stars, Evolution Gaming has surprised the gaming industry by launching world’s fastest roulette variant simply named as Speed Roulette Live. The variant’s most attractive feature is its incredibly fast paced action which takes place in just twenty-five seconds between the spins. Therefore, the players can easily enjoy around fifty additional rounds per hour as compared to other basic live dealer options available in the casino markets.

Betting on Speed Roulette Live is done when a ball is spun on the roulette wheel and therefore it doesn’t waste any time of the players. Other than that, the the game is equipped with lots of appreciated features such as the HD live feed, multi-game options, live chatting and highly trained hosts which are capable of leading the roulette action at a fast-paced.

How to Play Speed Roulette Live Online?

The Speed Roulette Live is easily playable via game menu by clicking on the games featured image or its name. Afterwards, within seconds playing screen will get loaded and players are welcomed to a magical world of this game which is streamed live from company’s studio located in Riga, Latvia. The players can utilise the user interface for placing 1 or more bets but within betting limits, that ranges between 1 and 5,000.

The players who love to play this variant of Roulette must always react fast and place bets before ball lands in one of the wheel slots. Otherwise, they will not be able to place any bet and hence their wish to take part will not be fulfilled. So, when the wheel spin and the players place their bets on betting sectors, there will be a video based winning number which will get revealed on screen when the rotating wheel gets stop. After which, the players who had placed bets on that number will be awarded payouts according to their stake placed by them.

To-Sum Up

This amazing and innovative, Speed Roulette Live is a game which must be played once by anyone who loves unique live dealer gambling variants. This variant is hosted by the professional Evolution Gaming and offers a very smooth interface with lots of fast paced action. Most importantly, this variant comes with a just twenty-five-second gap between the next rounds. This is very short period of time but just enough to justify the title of “World’s Most Fastest Live Roulette.”