Super Cash Buster

IWG first introduced Cash Buster to the players, now they have come up with Super Cash Buster, which is sure to take all the limelight away from its predecessor. Super Cash Buster is a colourful, bright, and more importantly fun instant win game. It brings even bigger prizes plus 2 mini games your way.

About the Developer of Super Cash Buster

Super Cash Buster is developed by IWG. The company has been in the field of online instant win gaming for more than ten years now. IWG has created over 250 games for the leading lottery and gaming operators.

About the Game

The traditional reels and spins are abandoned for the dice in this profitable game. Select your bet by using the (+) and (-) buttons. Once you are satisfied with the amount of bet just press PLAY. You are allowed 8 rolls of dice for each bet. After every roll of dice, you see a colour displayed on the face of the dice. Any block of the colour on the face of the dice is removed from the Cash Buster zone along with the adjacent blocks of identical colours. The prize table shows rows of different colours. Any colour block smashed in the Cash Buster Zone will have a direct impact on the prize table. So, if you are able to smash 3 red blocks in the zone then the exactly same number of slots of the red row will be filled in the prize table. You receive an extra roll of the dice if you smash a block which says, extra roll. You will be playing a mini-game if you smash a block that says mini-game.

The players will receive payouts:

  1. When they have filled an entire row in the prize table. The reward for the same is displayed in front of that particular row.
  2. When they destroy a block that says Instant Win Prize. You will be rewarded with the amount that is shown on that particular block.

If you are finished with your roll of dice, but you want to continue playing the game Super Cash Buster, simply press PLAY to continue with the same bet. You can also change your stake by pressing SET BET button.


Super Cash Buster is distinct from any other game as it involves rolling the dice and destroying the colour blocks only. This is a fun, entertaining game that keeps the players immersed into it.