Treasure 7×7

If you are an adventure lover then Treasure 7X7 is the place for you. This online instant game is developed by IWG (instant win gaming). The slot has everything one can possibly want from a top level slot game. Grapple some booty with 16 ways to win in Treasure 7X7. This slot is eye-grasping with crystal clear graphics and you can win treasures worth up to £200,000. The easy gameplay and beautiful theme makes it fun-filled online slot game. Overall execution of the game is good.

Set sail to win a trove of Treasure 7×7

If you are thinking that traversing the seas to grab treasures is difficult then it’s not the case. The game play of the slot is very easy to handle and the player simply can’t lose with 16 ways to win. Start your game by choosing the bet amount. The bet amount will be deducted from the current balance once you press the ‘Play’ button.

Experience fast-paced adventure in Treasure 7X7

Show some seafaring skill and sail the 7X7 sea and win some awesome prizes. The theme of Treasure 7X7 is fascinating with glaring visuals, top-rated soundtrack and with a bucket full of chances to win.

To win the game all you have to do is spot the treasure and sail to the desert island with the boatful of gold and just don’t let the sharks take away the trunk before you do.

The twist is that the trunk needs to be unlocked first . To unlock the chest all you have to do is complete the lines on the board by selecting 7 symbols. To complete the lines select 7  face-down tiles out of 12 which will declare a symbol matching some on the 7X7 grid. To take the treasure home look for either vertical, horizontal or diagonal line.

Moreover, you can play the next game with same stake amount or adjust the stake amount according to your wish. The outcome the game is displayed on the message panel.

Final thoughts

Winning in treasure 7X7 won’t be hard with 16 ways to win. The slot seeks attention for its colourful and beautiful theme. New players in online slot games can play this easily. The outcome of the game is not affected by the choices and moves made by the players. You will get addicted to the game in no time. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 89.40%. The slot is worth checking out for its high variance feature and you can win huge amount up to  200,000 by playing cleverly.