Treasure Mine

As the name suggests, Treasure Mine by Red Tiger Gaming is all about unearthing hidden treasures. Red Tiger Gaming has been associated with quite a lot of great games, and this too is expected to become popular in the gambling circuit. The slot is made up of five reels and forty paylines. It is based on an underground adventure in the land of the Vikings. You will be able to play the game from just 20p for each spin. The maximum amount that you can bet can go up to £500. The more you deposit in the form of the stake, the better will be your rewards.

Treasure Mine is based on imageries

The theme of Treasure Mine is an imaginary Viking theme. It has lots of imageries, such as the underground railway, treasure ride and spreading wilds. The symbols in the slot include A to 10 playing cards, goggles and treasure lamps. Some of the high paying symbols are the hammer and the wild. If you are able to land the hammer symbol on the reels, you will be getting 240 coins. For the wild symbol, you would need to land it on the third, fourth or the fifth reels. In that case, you will be getting 40, 100 and 320 coins.

If you are able to land the Redbeard wild and the Dragon Wild symbols on the same spin, you will be able to get a new payout that will improve your chances to win. If you land the Dragon Wild and the Treasure Strike Wild symbols, you will be winning quite a few multipliers on your original money. Finally, if you land the Redbeard Wild and the Treasure Strike Wild symbols over the same spin, you will be getting an instant coin prize that gives you cash rewards. So, as you can understand at each level, you have a chance to win good money.

There is also a traditional round to play for in Treasure Mine

Apart from this, there is also a traditional round known as the Treasure Run. This can be triggered if you land three of the above bonus symbols. Each of the landings gives you a reward till the end. In this way, you have a chance to win 1,000 times of your total stake. Although there are no free spins in Treasure Mine, these bonus features are enough to provide you with immense rewards and prizes.