trollpot 5000

Don’t take the game as a naive one. It has some pretty good features and the bonus tables are set to high. Trollpot 5000 is a classic, retro mixed slot game with a troll as their central symbol.  

About Trollpot 5000

Trollpot 5000 is a well-diluted game taken from the concentrated matter known as ‘Multiplier Rewards’. The game’s every single feature literally multiplies the paytable and pushes out rewards like no other. It has a basic 3 reel – 3-row slot. The game is classically themed with bright blue colours and funny troll symbols. The visuals are sophisticated but they’re bright, colourful and clear.


The game’s patterns are as diluted as the former. The symbols here consist of a 4-leaf clover, toadstool, icon, star and lucky 7 symbols. The lucky 7 is the most rewarding. The basic idea is to land 3 of these lucky symbols on a payline and the reward gets inside the pocket. 


The basic and foremost feature here is the Autoplay setting. This may not seem like a proper feature, but when it comes to the overall bonus-feature structure, this is something big. 

Bonus Features

When it comes to the bonus arena, the Trollpot 5000 really shows what it can do. There are multiple bonus features here. There is a nudge feature which creates new winning combinations and nudges until a different symbol replaces the original symbol. These winning combinations are the ones which further creates more and more winning combinations. Another one is the multiplier feature which multiplies the payout using the jackpot symbols. Land 1, 2 or 3 multiplier wilds on a winning line and the payout receives a 2x, 4x or 8x boost. Finally, the Jackpot feature which could end up creating 3 jackpot symbols at the top of the reels. This triggers the Jackpots feature. 


Even with no free spins and a single pay line, the game has the ability to win more. This is why the game has such a high number of followers.