Wild Circus

Wild Circus provides a total of 40 paylines and 5 reels. The range for betting is from 20p to £40. The game also offers you two free spin rounds. As you play more, you build the chances of earning a jackpot of £300120.

Discover the Characters of Wild Circus

Wild Circus provides five characters with whom you can bond, namely—The Strongman, Bear Tightrope, Jester, The Fire Breather, and The Elephant. Each of these companions will give you distinct bonus features to boost your winnings.


Wild Circus presents you with a ‘Monkey Wild’ standard in a stacked arrangement. It builds combinations and awards you up to 120 times the stake that you placed on each payline. These stacked symbols can gain you a number of these combinations.

If you want to exploit other bonus features of Wild Circus, you have to land a bonus symbol three times on the same spin. Then you get to fire a cannon, wherever the cannonball lands determines the kind of bonus you will earn. Multiple bonuses can also be obtained from a single cannonball.

Bonuses Galore

The Elephant Spins: These provide you with free spins with a multiplier on the sides of the reels. As you get an ‘upgraded symbol’ on the slot, the multiplier will grow by 1. You will be awarded a 50/50 chance of triggering again, as you run out of free spins.

The Fire Breather: It gives you a choice of various ‘flaming torches’. The fire breather then blows on a flame, and show the prizes that you have earned.

The Jester Spins: You will have to pick the number of free spins you will get, and if ‘Jack in the box’ appears, you will be awarded extra jester wilds.

Bear Tightrope: It is a bear on a unicycle strolling on a tightrope that piles up falling coins.

A multiplier found from one of the balls you picked is applied to the bonus.

To Sum Up

This game presents with illustrative and striking graphics and sounds. The varieties offered are splendid. With the top-notch safety offered by Cloud Casino, you can rest assured of a fair-play. If you wish to earn exciting prizes, Wild Circus is the perfect game for you.